Peas & Potatoes Hat

My friend Sadia needed a hat; something with a coverage, she said, but not too hot when worn for a while.  Peas & Potatoes is based on what I came up with at the time.  The potatoes (the stockinette) supply the coverage while the peas (the eyelets) keep it light.  It’s a one skein project if the yarn is right (I used Louet fingering weight) and is great for a gift.  You can get it on Ravelry.

I used a contrast cast on trim; optional but highly recommended.
The crown shaping is incorporated into the lace pattern — painlessly so!
The hat has quite a bit of ease — but perhaps not enough to be considered a full-fledged beret.

I’d like to see it in different yarns: for example, some rustic Shetland, or a combination of two laceweights — a smooth merino with a fuzzy mohair. I’d love to see what people make of it!

Now that a few people knitted this hat up, just a few comments on:

Sizing  The hat is really designed for at most 56 cm (22″) circumference. So measure your head carefully at the level you prefer to were your hats — the circumference can be a bit different whether the hat sits lower or higher on the forehead/nape.  If you do need a bigger size, I suggest to go up the gauge a bit, to 3-3.5 mm needles and/or a sport weight yarn rather than fingering.  Note that if you do that, your vertical gauge will change too and you may end up with too long a hat — watch out for that and compensate in the stockinette bands just a bit, so that you hit the lace crown shaping at the right time.

Yarn selection (and to block or not to block)  You can get quite a different effect depending on your yarn choice If your yarn has some body (I would say most wools and definitely cottons), the hat will have more drape and even fabric, especially if you block it.  If, on the other hand, the yarn is less-bodied (mohair, for example) you will end up with a much more textured fabric, really whether you block it or not.  So plan a little ahead or experiment.



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