Slip stitch colourwork

Fun to knit, pleasing to look at, easy to style -- knitted colourwork has its draws. It also has its drawbacks: multiple colour skeins to source and difficult to knit, adding to cost and time, respectively. There are some wonderfully accomplished Fair Isle knitters out there.  I am not one of them, having done stranded… Continue reading Slip stitch colourwork


Compostable life #1

We have a lot of stuff around us.  Most of it, sadly, is here to stay.  It would be a great burden off our shoulders if it were otherwise; if we could just put our life's artifacts, suitably shredded, into a compost pile. We are far, very far from such a compostable life. Yet just… Continue reading Compostable life #1

Red Hood Coat

Pattern: Burdastyle 10/2012, model #154, size 104 (suits 4 yr old nicely). Materials: outer: wool/angora blend coating (double-sided, the charcoal side not used), a remnant gifted by my mother; facings and button loops: brushed cotton floral from Rose&Hubble; green shank buttons from stash. Notes: good fit; luxurious fabric makes it look rather special; quite pleased… Continue reading Red Hood Coat

Lost and found: Romanian embroidery

  The weekly market here in our small Moroccan mountain town is fun.  Mostly our destination is mountains of fresh vegetables and fruits, delightful in their seasonality.  Occasionaly, we also browse the used goods section -- kitcheware, textiles -- brought  from Europe via the ferry between Tarifa and Tangier.  My local friend amassed this way… Continue reading Lost and found: Romanian embroidery

Folklore in blue \\ cardigan

Here's a cardigan that I have finished sometime ago, and it is a nice little study in how to adapt a pattern to your needs. The original design, from Burdastyle magazine 09/2009 (they do have some nice knits once in a blue moon), was done to complement their folklore theme, and it is very folklore… Continue reading Folklore in blue \\ cardigan